virtual vaults
What is a compelling way to tell a story about a virtual data room provider, an intangible world where the possibilities are endless? The way it was achieved for this project was to use a combination of different animation styles, integrated into one visual piece.
a new approach
My first reaction to this concept immediately was ‘great, let’s do this!’. The second thought was that I had to learn the basics of 3d animation, as well as hand drawn animation over live action footage. A very exciting challenge.
The client’s visual library of 2d assets and colors served as a starting point for everything else that I was going to develop in the different animation styles.
trial and error
Something fun to know about the 3d animation part (which wasn't so fun for me at the time), was that I had the animation render at night, so it would definitely be done the next morning. One morning I woke up and checked the render and found that the wrong camera had been rendered. Ouch.
learning curve
The learning curve in this project was a very interesting one, because I was able to apply the theory directly into practice. A process that I would like to integrate more in future projects.


Virtual Vaults

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Diederick Geers


Diederick Geers, Virtual Vaults

3d modelling:

Diederick Geers


Diederick Geers

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