monday's challenge
Here's a selection of my submissions for the weekly motion design 'Monday's Challenge' on Instagram. Some of these entries were a collaboration with some very talented illustrators and fellow motion designers.
#22 - summer
In the midst of a heatwave in The Netherlands, I remotely collaborated with the talented Stina Wahlén to create this snappy piece of motion, with the then very appropriate theme 'summer'. Stina did a great job of realising the visual style, while I did the animation and sound design.
#20 - medieval
Together with the creative illustrator / motion designer Anna Moessnang, we created this comical knight on his chess horse under the theme 'Medieval'. Anna was the creative brain behind the visual style, and I did the motion magic to bring Anna's illustrations to life.
#19 - hula hoop
For my first Monday's Challenge entry, I wanted to discover new techniques and styles. For this piece, I wanted to combine hand-drawn animation with 3D-animation. This led to this happy woman, swinging the donut around her hips.