It’s always a big plus when you get a project where you already love the subject. In this case there were two themes, nature and sustainable innovations, resulting in ‘Floriade’: a Dutch world horticultural exhibition. Before I began creating things for the actual project, I read a lot about the subject, just out of curiosity.
an organic feel
Since one of the themes of the project is nature, I wanted to pay extra attention to the visual elements that could make the animation feel more natural/organic. One of these solutions was to use textures over certain elements. I started with a subtle grain in the background.
During further exploration during the concept phase, I tried to push the textures more, going for a more realistic character design than what I’ve done in previous attempts. Looking back now, I think I went pretty far with the texturing, which would’ve been a pain to incorporate into the animation itself, since I hadn’t taken this into account.
giant hand
The funniest and one of the most challenging things to animate was the oversized hand, pulling one of the characters out of his chair into the air. The movements of the hand itself were done pretty quickly, but the big challenge was to create convincing interacting physics for the man.


Floriade Werkbedrijf

commisioned by:

Fior Network


Diederick Geers


Diederick Geers


Diederick Geers

sound design:

Diederick Geers