Hallo! (a warm, Dutch greeting)
My name is Diederick Geers.
I am a freelance motion designer, director, storyboard artist and screenwriter based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
In 2017, I started my own animation company, focusing on branded storytelling through motion graphics as well as the development of animated (short) films. We’re currently wrapping up Cliffhanger, my first animated short film that is part of the ‘Ultrakort’ program. Our film will be shown this year in the Dutch Vue cinemas, prior to a yet to be announced feature film.

I’m a strong believer in the notion that well-crafted stories can still be told in this rapidly changing world, and that the use of new technologies will enable us to take the immersivity of our stories to an even higher level.

I am also convinced that open collaboration is key to a great animation, that we not only deliver a product that we are both proud of, but also a flexible and pleasant collaboration that has made this product possible.

If you want to collaborate with me, please send me an email or call me.
my process
brainstorm session
We start the process together, by having a chat. We find out what the core aspects of your company are and what story you want to tell through animation.
creative summary
A creative summary is created based on what we discussed during our chat. I will provide moodboards suggesting the visual style, plus other visual elements, such as color.
When all story related information is gathered, based on our chat and the additional supplied information, I begin writing the script, the foundation of the animation. The structure of the story is going to be visible here.
Now that we have the first thoughts of how the animation might look like and the foundation of the story has been laid down, it’s time to visualise the story through a series of drawings.
Before completely diving into the visual style of the animation, I will create one visualisation of the style that I have in mind, based on the creative summary’s moodboards and the core aspects of your company.
visual style
Style accepted, I will transform the previously sketched storyboard into a version with the full visual style of the animation coming to life. After this phase, the look of the animation is complete.
Now the motion magic begins. The description of the storyboard and visuals are now brought to life through the animation process, and we are nearing a completed animation project.
sound, music
But before delivery takes place, the cherry has to be put on top. The addition of sound effects and music gives the animation an extra level of engagement and flow.
I can now proudly deliver the final animation to you, so that you and your audience can enjoy the animation, and they can better understand the message you want to convey.