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School Assignment
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"Freespace" is a one week, hands-on project outside the regular lessons. The assignments are created by the teachers, where the students can choose from. For this Freespace I choose the project "Movie Posters", together with Florian, a fellow student.

This assignment consisted of two parts:
  • Researching movie posters
  • Movie posters around everyday products

  • Research

    We had to create a visual report of at least three different movie genres. For this report, we had to visit at least one cinema. We were also allowed to use other media for our research. Through this research we got a good picture of the elements that are used to evoke a certain atmosphere of genres (usage of fonts, colors, composition, objects etc.)

    Movie posters

    After the research, we had to create a movie poster in two versions. I choose the genres horror and romance. The subject of the posters had to be an eveyday product. The goal was to drop several images around a simple product with the right elements.
    The two everyday products I chose were a baby and an alarm.