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Internship assignment
Keyser & Mackay


As an intern at BriljantNet I was commisioned to create 8 animations for the company Keyser & Mackay, from scratch. These 8 animations would represent the 8 main categories where Keyser & Mackay trades in.


The first step was to create an animation style that would look interesting and that would fit with the company’s image. I made my way through the internet to select the best styles that I could use as inspiration for developing my own style.

With all the inspiration that I had, I started to draw a lot of characters. Most of the character sketches came straight out of my head, others were based on other characters.

I worked out the 4 most interesting styles digitally and created an environment around it (in this case a testing area).


For the animations of Keyser & Mackay I wanted to use new techniques within After Effects that I have never used before. Because we had to wait for which style would eventually be chosen by the client, I had a few days to learn these techniques. I wanted to learn the following techniques:

- The usage of 3D objects and how to animate them
- The usage of shadows
- Understanding and applying IK Rigging (by means of the plugin DuIK)


After the visual style was chosen by the client I started to create the storyboard, based on the delivered scripts. I first sketched the whole storyboard to put my thoughts on paper quickly.

When I finished the sketched version of the storyboard and got approval by an employee of BriljantNet, I worked out the digital version of the storyboard.

Since there were 8 animations that had to be made and not just one, I had to create the 7 other storyboards as well. The things that had to be changed for the 7 other animations were two scènes, the assets and colors. I first sketched the 7 other testing areas, and another intern elaborated the other storyboards digitally.


After finishing sketching the other 7 testing areas, I was able to start animating the first animation: Coatings   Inks. This animation also became the basis for all the other animations, since the structure of them were all the same.

When we got approval of the client on both the first animation and the 7 other storyboards, we started the production of the 7 other animations.

Click here to watch all the animations.